World Check Hack – Is It Worth it?

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Should you try Power A Pro EX controller?

The controller has lighted action buttons. Cool, yes?What is up you guys, this is ripcase. I most recently bought the Power A Pro EX controller. I’m going to be honest. It’s awesome, and i love it. Seriously, these people could not have not made a better controller. First off the controller placement is similar to the Xbox 360 pad. The analog sticks feel a bit tighter than the Dualshock 3 pad. So if you like FPS games, this controller is right up your alley. It also features a cross directional pad, Which feels tight. If this is your only option for fighters, this is the controller. Otherwise i would advise you to use either an arcade stick or a 6 button fight pad. For other games, this is an actually great pad.

power e pro ex controller

It’s comfortable, so those long gaming sessions are not going to cramp your hands. It features textured grips for added grip. It also features the analog triggers of the Dualshock 3 controller. Be warned, they are not the type which is on the Xbox 360 pad. They use pressure sensitive triggers. They are not built like the Xbox 360 pad triggers, but still get the job done as far as triggers go. Oh, the thing about these triggers is they fan out, so your finger does not slip. This controller comes in 2 varieties, Wired or Wireless.

Their are also illuminated buttons, which is cool for playing in a dark room. Personally, Its awesome. If you own a PS3 and are looking for a good 3rd party pad, this is the way to go.Now for the closing thoughts. This controller does come in wired and wireless versions, But i prefer the wired, because of the fact that i have my PS3 on a computer desk and it’s about two feet from reaching distance. The second advantage to this is it’s always powered, so you don’t have to charge it. Yes, the Wireless one is rechargeable.

Those of you that are reading this that own both the 360 and PS3, Do it as a favor to yourself and get this controller if you do not prefer the dualshock layout. My final verdict: Get this controller. I paid only 20 dollars for it and am in love with it. With that said, I’m ripcase. Hope you enjoyed reading this review, and please check out the other articles by the other contributors on this site. As always, keep it gaming my friends.

Defective Playstation 4 adapters

Large amounts of defective Playstation 4′s cause concern for early adapters

The PlayStation 4 has been the most sought next generation console this year. Starting off back in February 2016 they revealed that a next gen console was coming and had the world waiting to see the console itself only then we received only a look of the controller. E3 2016 they began to really start the race toward next gen and showed off the consoles and announced the many games in development. All while showing that (at the time) they were providing an alternative policy on used game and online connectivity by not making it mandatory for console use. All would seem like Sony had learned their lesson from the PS3′s high price tag and launch support of game titles. Showing competitiveness this summer into the fall with constant marketing and confidence in their console.Now fast forward to November.

There were some ramblings among other journalist saying how Sony is hiding something by the amount of only showing off dev kits and not actual retail consoles. Which was the only fuel for die hard Sony fans to quickly shun and disregard this bit of a rant towards Sony’s secretive approach to the systems unveiling to the public. Though in some regard the Sony PlayStation team has been responsive toward some of the backlash from consumers. If there were complaints toward a feature that wasn’t supported, Sony would adjust and make the preparation to support demand of the consumer.A day before The PS4′s release some early adapters who won PS4′s via Taco Bells PS4 promotion made claims early of systems not working right out of the box. Many were unsure whether these were just fans of non Sony supporters.

And wanted to make the PlayStation brand look bad. All while saying just wait til more consoles are released.  Claiming that it was only a 0.4% failure rate.  Now with it only being a day after PS4 is released to the public. There are more reports coming in for the PS4 failures. After its launch on Friday, the PlayStation 4 has come under fire from a number of gamers who say their units have been dead on arrival. The most troubling reports describe a so-called “blue light of death” syndrome, in which the console’s light bar flashes blue but never outputs a video signal or boots up. Reddit’s PlayStation hub has collected 91 separate incidents of console failure, but it’s unclear how widespread the problem truly is. None of the Manhattan-based stores contacted by The Verge had seen any PS4 returns based on the issues.

Still, many of the reports are hard to dismiss. As of press time, nearly 40 percent of the PS4 reviews on Amazon are one-star reviews complaining of hardware failure. The official PS4 support forums have been overwhelmed by complaints of broken units.Reported via IGN a Sony representative said the company believes there are various issues in play, but less than .4% of units are affected. “We are closely monitoring for additional reports, Even with the reports of defective units out of the box do you think Sony are on track for a great launch.”