I have been using Google Plus’ new photo features this week, and I have to say, I am completely amazed.  They have taken the hassle out of posting photos and even added a little magic and fun with their new Auto Awesome features.  So what did Google do to make posting photos an enjoyable experience?  Check out my breakdown below.Auto Upload

Google Plus starts making the process easy right out of the gate by providing auto uploading for your photos. Snap some photos with your smartphone and they are whisked away to the cloud and stored in your Google Plus photo section.  This means you don’t have to take up space on your phone or computer to store your pictures.  Plus, if your phone gets stolen or your computer dies, your photos are safe and sound.  Google Plus gives you unlimited photo storage for standard pictures (2048 pixels) or 15 gb of free cloud storage for full size photos.



So my phone has auto uploaded a zillion birthday party photos, but now I’m dreading sorting through 700 pictures to a handful of great shots to share.  Luckily Google has my back.  They have added a new section in Photos called “Highlights.”  Google uses some very cool technical wizardry to scan through photos and pick out the best shots.  Google automatically hides shots that are blurry, overexposed, duplicates, etc, and leaves you with the cream of the crop.  The rest of your photos are just a click away if you still want to look through them yourself.  I’ve tested out this feature several times now and am very impressed at how well this software works.  My photos are easy to find, simple to sort and it now takes me half the time to post.   I love it!

Auto Enhancement

Now that your photos are automatically uploaded to Google Plus, Google works their magic to make them look the best.  Google now corrects photo color, over exposure, applies noise reduction, takes out red eye, and even softens wrinkles. Google does all of this automatically to make your photos look their best.

For those who are skeptical or prefer the original version, have no fear.  If you go into your Photo section and click on a photo, you can see what the photo looked like before the enhancements. Just roll over the top left hand corner of the photo and you will see a button that says “Enhanced.”  Clicking on the button and holding it down will change the photo to its original state. Release the mouse button and you can see the enhanced photo again. If you prefer the original photo, the revert button is right there.   So far, I’ve preferred Google’s enhancements every time.

Auto Awesome

Google has added some new enhanced photo features that are just what their name suggests, automatic and awesome.  Without you doing anything, Google checks your photos and sticks them together in some fun ways to create creative bonus photos.  There are 4 different types.

1)  Stop motion gifs –  When I first heard about these, I thought they were cheesy and a waste of time.  Since using them, it’s truly awesome.  I think it’s because I don’t have to do a darn thing to make them.  If you take multiple shots of something, Google stitches them together into a moving image.  It’s like something right out of Harry Potter.

2) Panorama – Take a few shots of a panoramic view and Google will put them together for you in one long image.

3) Collage – Take a few different photos of the same subject and Google will put them together for you in a collage

4) Portraits – Did you take 15 family reunion photos because you can’t get all the kids to look forward and smile at the same time.  Google will cobble together a photo with everybody looking forward and smiling.

Full Photo Editor

If the auto enhance doesn’t do it for you, Google Plus has a full blown photo editor built into Google Plus.  Google purchased Picnik in 2010 and has built it into Google Plus.  It has basic functions like crop, rotate, and resize.  It has a plethora of different effects like sun aged, black and white and heat map.  It has fun decorations like fangs, crazy eyeballs, beards, and thought bubbles.  It also gives you the ability to add text boxes.

Mobile Photo Editor

Google has included a very basic mobile photo editor through the mobile app.  Before you share your photos, you can rotate them, crop them, and apply one of 31 filters or 38 different frames.   Not much to it, but the crop and rotate have been really handy.

Meme Creator

When you add a photo to the “Share What’s New” box, Google gives you the opportunity to add some block text to create an instant meme.  Just another way Google is making photos a little more fun.

All of these features have teamed up to make Google Plus the fastest and easiest way to share great looking photos.  I have found that I am sharing more pics than ever because Google handles the hard work.  They even leave me fun little surprise in my photo section!  It a great package that should make Google Plus a must for people who love to take lots of pictures but hates having to mess with them afterwards.

What do you think of there photo features?  Do you find them helpful and effective?  Would these features get you to use Google Plus more often?  Let me know in the comments below!

Google Glass is a total game changer.  The first few iterations will be bumpy but in a few short years, as more apps come out and people realize the full potential of what Glass can do,  it is going to completely change the way we interact with our world.  It will become a heads up display that continuously feeds us information on everything that is going on around us.  Maps, location information, people’s names and information, weather, traffic, music, media.  Whatever you need, directly in front of you, whenever you want it.  These are 5 ways Glass is going to change our world.

download (2)

Photography and Video

Google glass is going to change the style of photographs and videos we take.  It’s going to allow for the photographer to able to interact with their environment while capturing first person perspective shots because they will be hands free. Imagine not having to fumble with setting up your phone or camera when you spot the perfect photo opportunity.  When the camera included with Glass improves, it will bring a wave of more “extreme” photography.  Throw on a pair of Glasses and snap photos or capture video while playing soccer, rock climbing, bungee jumping, etc.    It also removes the camera as a barrier between the photographer and the subject, which will make the photography more personal and immersive.

Second Screen

Second screen interactive apps for television, movies and videogames will finally take off through Glass.  Currently, most people don’t want to be messing with their smartphones or tablets to get the second screen information, because they have to look away from the program they are trying to watch.  Google Glass will eliminate this issue by offering the information through an overlay. Social interactions, box scores, actors information, popup video style content, all delivered over what you are watching.  It will turn every program into a Fox televised football game, except that we will be able to personalize the information that we want to see.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality interactivity and games will be become completely immersive.  The world around you will become your video game.  Instead of having to look at a hand held device to see the games world, you will have an immersive, first person perspective.  Imagine playing Ingress, but instead of using your phone to locate portals, you could “see” the portals just as if they were really there. What about a game that could identify other glass wearing players and overlay them as zombies in a futuristic game of tag. The possibilities are endless.

Facial recognition

I am terrible with names, but Google glass will make that a non issue. Through facial recognition, Glass will be able to match a person with my Google contacts. I could then have their name and other important info called up without them knowing that I forgot.  No more awkward “Hey, its…you” conversations.  Perfect for hunting down Sarah Connor Know Everything

About Everything

With Google’s Image search tools, we will be able to look at an item and have information on it brought up.  Venues and stores will be able to provide there own apps that will provide even more facts and data.  Let’s say I want to go to the Phoenix Museum.  They could have an app that  pulls and overlays additional information on the exhibit pieces, triggering audio at specific locations that will guide me through the museum.  The Phoenix Suns app could allow me to continuously track the stats of my favorite player without looking away from the on court action.  Walmart could give me the ability to have prices displayed, nutritional information shown, and videos with more information on the products.

Google Glass is going to speed up and personalize the way we receive and process information in ways we never thought possible.  It is an exciting technology that will continue to evolve until it becomes firmly entrenched in our everyday lives.  Like any new, game changing, technology, there will be bumps in the road as technicals get ironed out and people adjust to new social norms.  This will only serve to improve Glass and make it an even greater experience.

Are you excited to get Google Glass?  Are you interested in being an early adopter, or are you going to wait until some of the kinks get worked out?  Let me know in the comments below.

The free to play market is booming on PC, with tons of games like League of Legends, Tribe Ascend, ABP, DC Universe, Team Fortress 2, and more pushing thousands of units and making money via micro transactions & DLC. Sound familiar? It should because PlayStation Home is probably the biggest Free to play platform on any console ever.
Home makes the majority of its money on the micro transactions via clothing and other atheistic items (this would be your LoL approach). The key to micro transcations is bringing the price down enough that the sales soar because people don’t hesitate to spend the money, the butter zone here is 0.50¢  ~ $1.00. Once you get over a dollar people will stop and think about the item, get over$5 and you have shot yourself in the foot.

But why would selling something at 0.50 cents make more money then selling the same item at $5? Simple. Volume. If you need proof of this head over to http://store.steampowered.com/. As of this post Steam is running their RIDICULOUS summer sale. Almost everything on the site is 50% off with many huge $30 – $50 games getting cuts as high as 75% and some even a stupidly high 90% off. But how can this be good for Valve? Because during their sales they sell so many units they make more money then if they did not have the sale. Valve has stated that if the sale did not make them silly amounts of money they would not even bother, but it does and so the Summer and Winter sales continue to be Steam traditions.
If you need a break down of the low price tactic lets say I sell a game for $10 and sell 10 units a day. I drop the price to $5 and sell 30 a day. I slash it to 2.50 and all of a sudden i am pushing 100 units a day. I am not making more money by cutting my price then i am otherwise, once that surge goes down i just bring the price back up but with a micro transaction you never really need to pull the price back up because you have dozens of other items to bear the load.
So this is the key to the micro transaction, sell your items at a low enough price point that people don’t double think buying them.
However there is another method of free to play in Home, and that is game transactions. Unlike clothing and spaces these have real effects on other players and yourself and these are an utter mess in Home right now.
The most recent example is the Micro Bot game, that allows you to buy access to special weapons. However if you don’t spend money you cant use the weapons, meaning you are at a fundamental disadvantage to other players who have paid. In Asia this is conman, and is reffed to as buying power, but for good reason the North American market has spoken loudly against it. Buying power is a very morally bankrupt style of making a F2P game because you twist the arms of the free players to buy rather then make it a option. For the micro bot game this is easily fixed, allow everyone to pick up the power ups but allow paid users to spawn with a selected special weapon (or just leave the gadgets as the method of making money)

Good examples of in game item selling are all over the place, the current best model is Tribes Ascend which allows you to buy XP boosts and even items. The reason XP boosts are acceptable is that free players can still gain that XP, just slower. So the item is convenient but not mandatory. Guns however would appear to be buying power, but Tribes is very balanced so no gun is flat out better, they are side grades that allow you to tailor you load out to how you plan to play.

Home could make far more money, attract more users, and be less of a clear money grubbing system if it would just adopt the Free to play policies we see on the PC market. And if you as a Home user kept a bit of a tighter hand on your purse strings prices would drop to meet you, simple economics.

World Check Hack – Is It Worth it?

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Should you try Power A Pro EX controller?

The controller has lighted action buttons. Cool, yes?What is up you guys, this is ripcase. I most recently bought the Power A Pro EX controller. I’m going to be honest. It’s awesome, and i love it. Seriously, these people could not have not made a better controller. First off the controller placement is similar to the Xbox 360 pad. The analog sticks feel a bit tighter than the Dualshock 3 pad. So if you like FPS games, this controller is right up your alley. It also features a cross directional pad, Which feels tight. If this is your only option for fighters, this is the controller. Otherwise i would advise you to use either an arcade stick or a 6 button fight pad. For other games, this is an actually great pad.

power e pro ex controller

It’s comfortable, so those long gaming sessions are not going to cramp your hands. It features textured grips for added grip. It also features the analog triggers of the Dualshock 3 controller. Be warned, they are not the type which is on the Xbox 360 pad. They use pressure sensitive triggers. They are not built like the Xbox 360 pad triggers, but still get the job done as far as triggers go. Oh, the thing about these triggers is they fan out, so your finger does not slip. This controller comes in 2 varieties, Wired or Wireless.

Their are also illuminated buttons, which is cool for playing in a dark room. Personally, Its awesome. If you own a PS3 and are looking for a good 3rd party pad, this is the way to go.Now for the closing thoughts. This controller does come in wired and wireless versions, But i prefer the wired, because of the fact that i have my PS3 on a computer desk and it’s about two feet from reaching distance. The second advantage to this is it’s always powered, so you don’t have to charge it. Yes, the Wireless one is rechargeable.

Those of you that are reading this that own both the 360 and PS3, Do it as a favor to yourself and get this controller if you do not prefer the dualshock layout. My final verdict: Get this controller. I paid only 20 dollars for it and am in love with it. With that said, I’m ripcase. Hope you enjoyed reading this review, and please check out the other articles by the other contributors on this site. As always, keep it gaming my friends.

Defective Playstation 4 adapters

Large amounts of defective Playstation 4′s cause concern for early adapters

The PlayStation 4 has been the most sought next generation console this year. Starting off back in February 2016 they revealed that a next gen console was coming and had the world waiting to see the console itself only then we received only a look of the controller. E3 2016 they began to really start the race toward next gen and showed off the consoles and announced the many games in development. All while showing that (at the time) they were providing an alternative policy on used game and online connectivity by not making it mandatory for console use. All would seem like Sony had learned their lesson from the PS3′s high price tag and launch support of game titles. Showing competitiveness this summer into the fall with constant marketing and confidence in their console.Now fast forward to November.

There were some ramblings among other journalist saying how Sony is hiding something by the amount of only showing off dev kits and not actual retail consoles. Which was the only fuel for die hard Sony fans to quickly shun and disregard this bit of a rant towards Sony’s secretive approach to the systems unveiling to the public. Though in some regard the Sony PlayStation team has been responsive toward some of the backlash from consumers. If there were complaints toward a feature that wasn’t supported, Sony would adjust and make the preparation to support demand of the consumer.A day before The PS4′s release some early adapters who won PS4′s via Taco Bells PS4 promotion made claims early of systems not working right out of the box. Many were unsure whether these were just fans of non Sony supporters.

And wanted to make the PlayStation brand look bad. All while saying just wait til more consoles are released.  Claiming that it was only a 0.4% failure rate.  Now with it only being a day after PS4 is released to the public. There are more reports coming in for the PS4 failures. After its launch on Friday, the PlayStation 4 has come under fire from a number of gamers who say their units have been dead on arrival. The most troubling reports describe a so-called “blue light of death” syndrome, in which the console’s light bar flashes blue but never outputs a video signal or boots up. Reddit’s PlayStation hub has collected 91 separate incidents of console failure, but it’s unclear how widespread the problem truly is. None of the Manhattan-based stores contacted by The Verge had seen any PS4 returns based on the issues.

Still, many of the reports are hard to dismiss. As of press time, nearly 40 percent of the PS4 reviews on Amazon are one-star reviews complaining of hardware failure. The official PS4 support forums have been overwhelmed by complaints of broken units.Reported via IGN a Sony representative said the company believes there are various issues in play, but less than .4% of units are affected. “We are closely monitoring for additional reports, Even with the reports of defective units out of the box do you think Sony are on track for a great launch.”